TEN CARPETS is a retail company dealing exclusively with modern handmade carpets, kilims & textiles.

Our history spans over 120 years and covers 3 generations in the handmade carpet world.

Our sincere devotion in fulfilling our customers’ needs with excellence and the relationship we build and maintain with them, have created our long lasting immaculate reputation.

This is something that we treasure and uphold as our most valuable capital.

Our handmade carpets originate from India, Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, China, Morocco, Congo, France, Italy and England.

The designs and colors of our handmade carpets, although mostly modern, are very carefully selected so as to meet today's decorative demands of any household whether minimal, modern, neoclassic or classic. We also provide fantastic solutions for country houses as well as houses on the island.

Our main criteria, in selecting our handmade carpets, are beauty and elegance. We refrain from choosing modern carpets just for the sake of modernity. Instead, we work diligently so that the common denominator of our whole collection is the high, decorative standard, regardless of type, quality and price.

Similarly, we offer our customers complete and spherical services, both before and after their purchases of their handmade carpets. Specifically, our services include appraisals, restoration, repairs, storage, as well as cleaning the handmade carpets at the customers' home. Apart from these, we concentrate on offering our clients precision advice and counsel concerning all types of handmade carpets, kilims and textiles.